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Greifenberger Barockorchester

Munich's premier baroque orchestra for Amateurs and Semi-pros

GBO Barockviolinisten

Based in Munich, but with members throughout Bavaria and beyond, the Greifenberg Barockorchseter provides  baroque instrumental and choral Projects where early music enthusiasts can connect and play. Whether you're a semi-professional musician or an amateur looking hands-on experiences of playing baroque music, our members can help you find the resources you need to pursue your passion for playing baroque music.


Our Workshops and members will help you get starting playing baroque music on historical instruments. We can give practical tips on how to find and set up a baroque instrument, find other people to play with, and repertoire ideas. Our community also includes professional baroque musicians who are happy to share their knowledge and help you get playing, listening to and enjoying more baroque music!

The Greifenberger Barockorchester is a non-profit organisation, so relies on the generosity of our members to keep our platform running and support our mission of fostering a growing network of amateur baroque musicians in Germany. Your donation will help us provide valuable resources, facilitate connections, concerts and courses, the aim of which is to elevate the profile of early music in Bavaria and beyond.

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