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The Greifenberger Barockorchester is a Project based Orchestra in Munich where professionals and amateurs work together to create beautiful and unique concerts and events highlighting the rich European cultural heritage from the period 1600 to 1800. Our name comes from our birthplace - The Greifenberger Institut für Musikkinstrumentenkunde, just outside of Münich by the Amersee. The generosity of this unique institute, as well as its devotion to rediscovering the lost arts of 17th and 18th handcraft, philosophy and creativity, provided the fertile setting for the seed of this special orchestra to emerge and grow.

What We Do

The GBO gives its members access to unique experiences performing and learning about baroque music in stunning baroque churches, palaces and historic venues.


Our close relationship with Specialists in Historical Performance practice and Instrument-makers means that we collaborate on a regular basis with professionals - both performers and makers.

We are proud of the diverse membership of our community, and thrive on the synergy between "professional" and "amateur", "modern" and "baroque", "international" and "German", musicians and also encourage the exciting and essential interaction between instrument makers and players, academics and performers.

GBO Barockgeiger

Who We Are

From meet-ups to international community The Greifenberger Barockorchester started off as informal “jam sessions” by Penelope Spencers students at the "Greifenberger Institut für Musikinstrumentenkunde" and gradually developed into a project orchestra.


The orchestra is run by the members - we decide for ourselves which professionals or projects we want to work on.


We draw inspiration for our work from international exchange and contacts, as well as the richness of the Bavarian baroque culture that surrounds us - we love finding new ways to fascinate our audiences and inspire our members and sponsors.

Join the Orchestra

Whether you are a student, enthusiastic amateur, or a professional who always wanted try out baroque violin … You are very welcome here! There is a role for everybody in our community - You may wish to play in the orchestra, play as soloist with the orchestra, or simply come to the rehearsal as an onlooker and find out about baroque instruments and how to get started. Email us to make and inquiry - we look forward to hearing your thoughts and wishes!

Greifenberg workshop
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